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Let's Talk Merch - Roy Johnson

Big Wavy let's talk merch Roy Johnson T-Shirts UK Championship WWE


Earlier this month, Parts Unknown Clothing had the chance to catch up with one of the superstars of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, 'Big Wavy' Roy Johnson.

In what could be one of the coolest collections on the Parts Unknown Clothing website, we chatted with Roy about wrestling merchandise from the past and present, and why he's selling the waviest threads in sports entertainment.

PUC: What was the first wrestling t-shirt that you remember owning? 

ROY: The first t-shirt I remember buying was the original DX tee. I bought it in a Virgin Megastores in 1999, it was the last one that they had in stock. I bought it because I wanted to be a member of DX.

PUC: Do you still have it?

ROY: Ha yeah, I actually do; albeit the armpits have ripped, so I wear it to bed. 

PUC: Looking back through the history of wrestling tees, which design is your absolute favourite?

ROY: Probably the original nWo t-shirt. It still sells in droves today. It's such an iconic and cool design, and it's so simple.  Because of tees like this, we're now starting to see '90s WWE merchandise in fashionable clothing shops.

Wrestling with Fashion: Kendall Jenner rocking the NWO Wolfpack T-shirt

 PUC: Now that wrestling tees are so accessible to the fans, what do you think is the key to having stand-out merchandise?

ROY: A striking design that looks to different to everything else on the merch table is an essential, and something that doesn't look like the standard "wrestling tee."

PUC: To follow up from that, is there anyone out there at the moment whose t-shirts stand out to you?

ROY: I like Pete Dunne and Trent Steven's new tees, mainly because their design just look so different. Pete's new design especially, as it's on a maroon t-shirt, which stands out immediately. The moustache mountain t-shirt is pretty cool as well, because it doesn't actually look like a wrestling t-shirt. 

PUC: So when it comes to your merchandise, why should people check you out?

ROY: Because they want to buy good tees, and help me buy some lovely new ring gear and glasses haha! I'd like to think my tees look different to everyone else's. They can be worn anywhere and not be seen as the standard wrestling t-shirt.
Roy Johnson Macho Mandem
With his ever-growing popularity, you can catch Roy at shows around the country including PROGRESS, IPW:UK, APEX Pro, North Wrestling NCL and a load more. Check him out on:

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