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About us

Welcome to Parts Unknown Clothing, the new home of original wrestling t-shirt designs, and merchandise from the best talent in the world. We've been in the good ol' printing business since 2009, and decided it was time we ventured into one of our favourite pastimes: Wrassssling!

Parts Unknown Clothing is owned by CharGrilled Clothing Ltd, this is where all your lovely t-shirts are printed and shipped from. The website maintenance, social media and customer services are run by Fat Sandwich Marketing, a lovely team of expert marketers and wrestling enthusiasts. 

All of our original t-shirts are 100% unofficial. At Parts Unknown, we're all massive wrestling fans, so we've created a range of items inspired by; and parodies, of our favourite superstars.

If you were wondering, we are actually based in Parts Unknown (via Milton Keynes). 


Why Buy With Us?

  • Free First Class UK delivery
  • All items dispatched within 1 - 5 working days
  • We provide a very fair commission to all our artists and wrestlers
  • All garments are printed in-house
  • Seven years of t-shirt printing experience
  • We ship our stuff across the world